Anywhere, Without Fear

You run, you hide-stop the pain killing me inside
Brave one day you choose to stand
It was time to move on from his vicious hand
Who am I...
What do I do?
So much time trying to find a place to land
Your pain finally lead me to leave
Every morning I wake complete destruction I perceive
All those years, all those days
Hiding in the dark the light burns with it's rays
You almost broke me, but my faith is strong
My eyes are open, NO you are wrong
But I had to leave it all to be
Anything than what he wanted me to be
So lost and destroyed day after day
Nothing really more left to say
Give up, it is over, he won
Death first, you will see, I'm done
You got real close, you almost had me
But I remembered this is my life and you can not have thee
I actually thank you for all the suffering you gave me
My strength is what set me free
I have laid this down
No longer will I carry
You no longer scare me
Where will I go from here
Anywhere, with out fear

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