Sometimes while hanging out with someone new,
Things happen even if you don't expect them to.
You may start to feel something deep down inside,
But all you can ask yourself is should I run or should I hide?
But as you're standing there looking at him from across the room,
And you see the sexiest smile upon his face,
He now has your mind starting to race,
You're just so glad to be with him at this special place.
As the music starts to play and your body starts to sway,
You're hoping he is looking your way.
'Cause now you know you can't seem to walk away,
As he has you in this special trance.
This is when he finally asks you if you want to dance?
As you're out there on the floor,
He has your body aching for so much more.
As he softly grabs the back of your neck,
And gently pulls your hair,
You knowingly want him but do you dare?
Because wanting him isn't fair,
But at that moment you don't even care.
You're just happy to be with him anywhere!

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