When will you take your
nail and claw at the skin above my flesh and tear my
aorta, taking it in your fist, rubbing the
stalk together as you did with dandelion
stems when you were 8.

When will you kiss the
blood leaking onto your fingers and replace
My; your; our empty cavity
with soil from between your lips and water
it with your sweat.

Love grew from my eyes like tears, yellowed
crust keeping my eyes
shut, locking me in a dream I never want to
wake from.

My eyes dream of the
aorta between your teeth, the artery
you tied from your neck to mine like the
stillborn's dry umbilical cord.

Touch the skin above my
waist; leave my flesh
wet with the condensation of love.

Let's walk into oblivion not hand in hand,
but body in body. Let’s step across the
threshold into death and tie a
noose with our heartstrings.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written to explore the biology of love and touch upon what it means to be "one" with another individual while taking it to a more primal level.