Apart Of Me

All I do is cry, that's all I know,
they are buried deep within me, secrets and sins I won't forget,
I can't move forward because my own life is what I regret,
I tried to break free, but fear has the best of me,
I'm alone and I know it,I have no one but me,
what I feel is irrelevant,
fear is the only comfort I know,
it's my own subconcious friend,
I've never felt better or felt more free,
I dare not dream and I dare not speak,
I'm just a shadow in the clouds and that's all I'll ever be,
my heart slowly wasting away and my body battered from my own defeat,
is there anyone out there like me,
don't you understand?, no one has been there for me,
a shoulder to cry on, loving eyes to believe,
so what am I supposed to think?
my fear is what I fear,
and I need to save no one but me,
more than once I've been silenced,
so I don't know what it means to be free,
so as I take the time to retrace my steps,
I'll pick up the pieces of my shattered entity one by one,
as I take the time to know me and all of me,
I always hold on to the hope that my fear will eventually be free

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