Feeling emotions spill and holding on
to things I thought were killed
But again I am in the never ending,
pending, hell sending disarray
Where I am used, played,
and berated till the point of sedation
It becomes a repeating playlist,
there was nothing I really missed
With no reason to be pissed,
but am I so minute as to be dismissed?
Like a blip in the air the world of few cares
Works with flesh that tears in need of constant repair
It is not the people you love who wish ill
Just unconscious actions that kill
and put life into standstill
So this is where I am left: lifeless, reflective, and deaf
Then a thought echoes "What are you doing man,
life still has a plan
So do not think your are only one on this planet
But how about you hand it,
off to me and I will use my alchemy
And start to clean, until your mind is keen"
But ask yourself, is it worth damaging health?
To continue to melt with the hand that was dealt.

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