Apes Peril

Humans believe themselves so special
Upon the third sphere the animals nestle
Creatures before it have come and gone
The ape’s destructor, heretofore been spawned

Pestilence hovers above the poor fools
Their medicinal remedies impotent tools
Spleens will rupture, lungs will inflame
Disease ferries the apes to soil from which came

A small flash of light, grows larger each day
The non-hirsute beasts are powerless to slay
This iron-rock monster that charges towards Earth
A curse from the gods bringing apes to their dearth

Immolating mushrooms scatter the land
Their necroparticles acting as cruel hands
Choking the life from child, woman, and man
His most shameful end, because it was planned

The fiery shrooms are deceptive to see
Ironic that death accompanies beauty
The mountains of bodies impossible to bury
The grim reaper’s sickle, quite unnecessary

The air is now putrid with the breath of fast cars
Factories spit smoke through stacks with red bars
Hypoxic waters flow long with red stink
The parched biped sapiens unable to drink

Fruit once hang quite low for denizens to pick
There also were tubers man roasted on sticks
Now plums remain withered and crops turned to blight
Anubis’s schedule, quite full for the night

Beef crawling with maggots, pollo lays fetid eggs
Morsels cease to abound, only left are the dregs
Humanity’s hunger turns sister on brother
The famine so fierce, they feast on each other

Oblivious apes are to their imminent peril
Their irresponsible nature has rendered them sterile
Their brains are quite large relative to small body
However, beasts still possess conscience quite shoddy

The pitiful creatures actually believe
Immune to extinction, they just can’t conceive
A time in the future, not distant think soon
When the inadequacy of humans results in their doom

Some hairless apes know of what is to come
They grab all the pieces and construct the sum
If you’re one of them, then please don’t forget
Our time hasn’t come…

We aren’t extinct yet…

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