Tugged gravitational elegance
She awaits a warm, gentle face
Which should wake frozen elements
Super solids adrift in space

A mother with less care than need
Fuels her innocent child's fantasy
As if more than mere abandoned seed
Returned to Oort Cloud from apogee

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This Poems Story

I am a single father. I write about circumstances in my personal family life. Since the subject matters are often personal, I tend to write in extended metaphors. You may take from them what you wish. I am happy to share some background on Aphelion. A comet in its most distant phase from the sun perfectly describes my daughter, seven years old, hoping her mother will remember her visitation privileges. Infrequent visits excite my daughter. She glows then returns to the frozen state of waiting. Aphelion could be a loved one long gone or even an old familiar home.