I am tired of being in this place where my mind is never at ease
Always on the edge of battling between the he said, she said
And I am tired of the rain that crashes against my windows
As if God himself were too lazy to use the front door
So he pounds against the panes of glass hoping to get in
And I am sorry that I am so hellbent on escaping this place
As if I'm Hermes running on clouds thinking what if I were Icarus
My wings melted and I began to fall
Placing myself in the same situation that I have always been
Knowing that this burning cliché will be my end
And I am sorry that you will never know how much I truly loved you
That I knew the answer long before I was ever asked the question
As though this test was multiple choice and every answer is you
I am sorry I didn't grow up or out branching off to form a new family
But believe me when I tell you
That my trunk is solid enough to stand the tests of time
A little wind and rain will never uproot me and my love for you
It is going to take a hurricane to make me move
And if I should falter know that I will never fall
But if I do fall know that it is only in love you that much more
And I am sorry for always saying that I am sorry too much
Or never saying it enough...
Sorry that I cannot tell which

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