Apparently… you know me right?

Apparently, I'm a lame ass nigga
Apparently, I'm no good
Apparently, if you got to know me then so far you understood

That apparently I've been broken
Apparently, I look restless
Apparently, if you really knew me you'd know that my life is hectic

Apparently, no one understands me
Apparently, I'm the black sheep
Apparently, I am the reason that my family can't sleep

Apparently, I lack effort
Apparently, I'm a disgrace
Apparently, I stopped caring by the look on my face

Apparently, I am nonchalant
Apparently, I am sad
Apparently, with my emotions shown that I really am mad

Apparently, I'm the bad guy
Apparently, there's no love
Apparently, I am alone yet I'm the one that really needs a hug

Apparently, there is no emotion
Apparently, this is true
Apparently, if I felt something then I wouldn't share it with you

Apparently, I lost everyone
Apparently, I am alone
Apparently, I have no where to go and no place to call home

Apparently, I don't have a side
Apparently, I'm always indifferent
Apparently, my word don't matter to no one so I need to go missin

Apparently, I ain't shit
Apparently, I really suck
Apparently, that's the reason why I'm always running amuck

Apparently, I got loose screws
Apparently, I am a loose screw
Apparently, I lead to destruction and that's the path that I choose

Apparently, I'm not alright
Apparently, I'm fucked up
Apparently, I'm on some other shit so apparently I just don't give a fuck

Apparently, no one likes me
Apparently, I'm a disappointment
Apparently, I stopped doing things because to me trying is pointless

Apparently, I'm not sorry
Apparently, I hold no remorse
Apparently, the sorrow shown is just a way to distort

You're true vision of me, apparently
And apparently, that's a fact
Apparently, I'm a deceiver and I only put on an act

Apparently, I'm the devil
Apparently, I shouldn't have been born
Apparently, my faith in God has never been sworn

Well apparently is apparently
And apparently it's all apparent
Apparently, I will never be anything but a low life peasant

Apparently, I should give up
Apparently, I should stop
Apparently, I need to stop breathing and just let my heart drop

Apparently, you know me
And apparently, this is me
So you saying all of this, it must be true apparently...

No dispute. You know me oh so well. You've walked in my shoes. So MY story, YOU can tell....

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