Appetite for Poetry

One of these days, I will…eat all my poetry.
Oh, I doubt that…you could reach.
My imagination I will fill up.
My words I will write full of meaning.
Take this line and use it as an escape.
Put your fist in the air if you’re a poet.
I should see everyone’s fist up in the air.
We’re all storytellers at heart.
We all question life, but we all have the answers.
From the tips of our fingers, out pops rainbows & the ways to Zen.
From our index fingers, there grows peach colored flowers in beautiful bloom.
Butterflies flutter around the peaceful hands.
From the power within, there comes out multiple stars shooting.
A hand raised in humble kindness causes extra sparkles to appear in the background.
Paint drips down to the ground from the popped out rainbows onto the rest of the World.
Lady Wisdom disguises herself as a silent old man with white hair smoking pipe tobacco.
She stands on the fingers where love, truth, & kindness pour.
Your hand is a channel to a life much more.
Use it to change the World for good.
Open your mind to those things left unsaid.
Write it all down, for the paper would love to hear.
I’m only waiting, as my appetite for poetry has gotten even bigger.

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