Apple Tree

My thoughts are the flowers, my happiness the fruit.
My roots are planted deep in the soil of the past,
Keeping me grounded, helping me grow.

The vexatious birds of desire, anger, jealousy, and greed
May come to perch atop my branches,
And create a nuisance.
But how can I drive them away?

The insects will only infest my thoughts if I allow them to.
The insects are like bullies, wanting to tear me down.
If I don’t let them get to me, it is no longer fun for them,
So they give up and quit.

And even though I am strong and independent,
I have my family to lean on if I need them.
And together, we are a mighty forest,
Protecting each other and sticking together.

We shall not bother about the fruit that falls or is taken,
For we should be busy making more.
Life is not about what we lose,
But what we can grow instead.

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