Beauty and life ease its way into the dawn ready to bear a new day.
Yet the people about give away emotions of gray.
Despite their lack of conviction, they each file silently into their usual places.
Ready to command their societal stations
Each one familiar with one another, yet they never exchange greetings
Instead differing to the sound of the wind fleeting.
Shuddering shivers shake their bones.
For this chilling hour even makes the trees moan.

Each stares off into some non-existent location.
Where supposedly there exists some unforeseen elation
While they all each have their own reservations
Every single one seeks a better destination

In a sudden disruption in the commotion of their minds
The barriers descend leaving their lives behind.
The ground beneath them begins to exert a rumble
Despite this, none seem to be humbled.
A gust is felt a screech lets out an echo
For it seems a lion could not emit this kind of bellow

A climax is finally reached with a response of total silence
And each person takes a step forward, as always, in compliance
In a matter of seconds, all are gone
For they must go in order to live on

One may say why show such unreasonable devotion
I say that they feel a better life approaching.

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