It's the joy and warmth of being approved.
By God who I have chosen,and he who has chosen me too.
The honor of being favored by the most high.
Knowing that he quenched you from your sins eternal fire.
It's the The mystic of Jesus Christ.
He can turn water into wine.
Water into blood.
Sin into salvation by
the blood that was shed from his son.
it's the truth.
Only a staff was used to part the sea.
and what wrong direction can he lead?
I'd rather waste my life searching for his glory,
Then to die and realize I corrupted my eternity.
And my God?
He is the beholder of all things.
All things righteous.
All things clean.
All things purified.
And alll things redeemed.
He has promised us a blissful eternity.
He just needs us to obey and believe.
Born into sin and ignorance.
so that we could be redeemed.
Someone as unworthy as me .
Now am I a living sacrifice for the almighty.
What a great sight it is to see.
The amount of love that God gives.
Especially to the ones who believe.

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