April Days

I miss the way we were,
the way we used to feel.
Each emotion and day,
felt so wonderful, so real.

It was back when the days were brighter,
I felt so warm and free.
You made me into a person,
I always wanted to be.

That person was so happy,
with so much love in my heart.
The way you made me feel,
I've loved you from the start.

Even when you barely talk to me,
you're still heavily on my mind.
I wish it was the same for you,
but these days you're hard to find.

I think back to those April days,
when I thought nothing could go wrong.
Those days were so perfect, wonderful,
They were so long.

Even though you don't feel the same,
there is still love in my heart for you.
You're the one thing I wish I didn't lose,
but it was something we had to do.

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