Arabian Rider

Long, thin legs, long back, arched neck
Head held high, white with black flecks
My steed prances toward me as I call him by name
I mount him bareback, no bridle, his mane my riegns

We start the routine warm-up, first the walk then the trot
Ten minutes on each for the dessert's extremely hot
He snorts with excitement, I shout in glee
As we move into the canter, warming up both him and me

Our bodies move together, man and horse become one
His muscles bunch beneath me as we begin to race the sun
His power surges around me, my excitement builds
I hear the thud of hoovs against the sandy hills

We enter the gallop, yet neither of us can tell
'Cept the wind softly whipping at hair, mane, and tail
Across the dessert we race, ending where we began
Neither of us can wait to ride the wind again

Though we call this shack our home, my Arabian steed and I
Neither of us can forget the way it feels to fly
While dessert sand and the dessert sun may burn unmercifully hot
My Arabian steed and I shie away? No sir, no ma'm, we shall not

For I am an Arabian rider, my Arab my faithful steed
To ride the wind together shall be our only need
We do not run the great races, our bloodlines may not be pure
But ride the wind and ride we shall as long as our strength endure

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