Journeys, pathways, and roots.
They are the fossils of history,
bones and foundations of the future.
Invisible maps determine theses organic,
predestined, and ancestral routes,
followed by dreamers and wonder lusting souls.
She travels along the undiscovered place
to where contentment awaits.
She reaches beyond the great divide
of her undiscovered mind,
manifest destiny of a sort.
She is determined to conquer the unknown,
recording every landmark and milestone
that may pass by her water stained windows.
Thumbing through the worn pages of the
already written chapters, the yellowing
paper provides her with a sense of accomplishment
but also age. Her ink black fingertips smudge
the sides and stain the blank.
Ink black, sometimes blood red, seeps out her
pricked print. It leaves a distinctive trail
of maroon in its wake, becoming a puddle,
then suddenly an obis.
She falls down this rabbit hole into a
hypnotizing stupor, full of radical thoughts,
some soft and some loud. This is the ballad of her brain,
with continuous versus, a chorus and bridge.
She searches for a peaceful flux in attempt to establish balance.
She searches for a balance that will ground her to this Earth.

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