Arctic Water

I wanted to be dead, forgotten
I forced my body to decay
I'm still in arctic awfull water
And finally I've lost the way
It seems I'll never help this coldness
I'm sure I wasn't made for life
I feel just nothing but the boredom
I'll never tell you if I lie

We used to loosing our chances
And where's a god to wake us up?
And don't you want to turn our faces
To sun which is so cold and dark?
There's still no reason for existing
But there is a ban for death
And you are just a kind of mystic
An interruption causing wrath

I fell in love with fear of living
So now I'm calling fear and cold
How can I know that you are real?
Why do you care 'bout me at all?
Please, leave me here for arctic waters
Please, stay and be a part of me
My mind and heart are getting colder
So what's the use of beeing free?

I can't accept the gift a freedom
Because I want to be excused
But my excuses were a mirror
Of my weak will which I don't use.
My dreams were fake from the beginning
My love is fastest way to end
I shoudn't think about winning
There is no goddamn promised land

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