Are the Faithful Few in Numbers?

Are the faithful really few in numbers?
Is the world really at its end? Grasping
for its last breath but only coming up
and finding out that the once true and pure water
is now tainted by the demise and lies of the ones
we could look up to.
The thought crosses my mind almost constantly...
Could I do something, could I make something, change something,
mold something, move someone?
"Beneath my tongue truth is being held captive."
I reach for my words but only find
that they have slipped farther down my throat
into a swirling vortex called my mind.
The world wants me to stay thirsty, speechless, wordless.
Only the strong rise above and get out of this
darkness but all I can think is,
are the faithful really few in numbers?
The question of faith is no longer a question at all,
rather a statement, made by the bold ones,
the odd ones, the ones without a name or a place to call home,
without a spot at a lunch table, the ones who wander,
roaming around pondering about what they would've done
instead of realizing what they are doing.
Brothers and sisters, start shouting louder, digging deeper,
Burning brighter, speaking clearer, standing taller.
Showing the world who you are is just the battle.
Seek out the darkness.
That's where you'll find the war.

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