Are We Here

Is creation so divine it's purely formed with thoughts in our mind?
You don't think honestly everything we acquire each day
Something's have always been there something's will always stay
Truth is sometimes creation will change so quickly you don't notice
But what may be lying beneath that truth could give you motive
The motivation needed to make your own creation
After all it's your hope and your mind look within
and this you'll find
Sometimes sky's are grey that only clouds find their way
You'll come across oceans that stay calm or strong ripples in waves
Now and then the roads will be dirt or covered in pavement
Cliff sides tall as the mountains or waterfalls beautifully adjacent
Rivers and lakes so blue your own eyes can't help but water
Fields of weeds or farms with so much more than food to offer
Cities filled with people and
nature pure with wildlife that's our Mother Earth
Nights so dark only fires can glow with their spark
Periodically if you look closely
the dark sky will be so filled with light
There will be left but one question
If creation is so divine each destination is beautifully placed
within our mind, are we in heaven already?
Because even manipulation at its best
there will be times your mind will be laid to rest

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