Are you crying?


It began weeks ago
According to my calculations
A train was being built in my gut
Hard to imagine,
How could I not feel the heavy metal
On my raw exposed insides?
I felt when the train moved
A slow steady grind up
Through my stomach
Up to my delicate chest
The grind of wheels against heartstrings
Collecting speed as it drew up my throat
Because suddenly it burst into flames
It was the friction, I guess
By the time it reached the top of my neck
It was more of molten lava
A slow decline of working ability
While it used my brain cells to crawl up
Each inch sending electric signals
Down back where it came from
Until it reached the backs of my eyes
With the awareness it can’t go back down
Because everything it used to get up
Was roaring down in my gut
So as quickly as it can
It pushes through the small cracks
Squeezed until it gets through
Burning everything it touches
Until it slips through my eye
And burns a hole through my cheek
Turning into salt as it reaches my lips
Encouraging more creations to come forth
Soon enough it is not one drop of salt
But 5-no 6- no 47- I’ve lost count
And then it’s gone
I’m ok don’t worry
This isn’t what you think
I just need to do something about
The construction sight in my stomach

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