Are you happy now?

Bleed it all out.
All the hate and regret.
All the things I won't forget.

Are you proud of my art?
My shiny little brush, and bright red paint pumping through my heart.

Did you want this?
You created it.

You think I care what you say?
I don't.

Make me cry.
It's just another spark for my rage.

I've felt the pain.
Weak spots and you take aim.

My body covered in little red slits.
All at the power of your dirt covered mitts.

One more down, another scar.
It feels like i'm in a crashing car.

All down the drain it goes as I watch.
My life ticking away with the hand of the clock.

I can't stand and I have shaking hands.
I do whatever the rage demands.

The tears replaced with laughter.
I know it's my heart you're after.

You can have it, I don't care.
My eyes stuck in a blank stare.

I don't need it, truly it was and inconvenience.
It took me back to nightmares I hadn't wanted revisited.

Now what's left for me to say?

I'm always dead at the end of the day.

I've bleed it all out.

Are you happy now?

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