Are You Happy Now?

Are You Happy Now?
She's on the ground; you've got what you wanted.
Nothing to live for, she's weak and feels nothing more than hopeless
Wanting nothing more than to disappear
As the blood trickles down her lips, do you see?
The monster you've become.
So hopeless and bloodthirsty.
But in reality, aren't we all just monsters?
And the ones who hurt others,
Aren't they just the misguided ones?
Are you happy now?

She's got her heart in her hand
The cages in her chest were too restricting
Maybe if you weren't so cruel, this wouldn't have happened
Ruining her, making her feel worthless; is that what you wanted?
All she's ever desired was to be loved, whether she admits it or not
You've made her go through hell, she's giving up
And if she comes back,
Will you regret the endless pain and suffering you've thrown at her?
Or will you continue,
Living your life without realizing,
You ruined hers.
Are you happy now?

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