Are You Listening?

The sadness that I can't shake off
The feeling that I'll never be good enough
And I know that it isn't true
But even when I want to
It's hard to believe
It's hard to believe

I guess I used up all my luck
Running in circles, my life sucks
I forget when people talk to me
But my silences are filled with unease
And they say it's all in your mind
But I'm still having a hard time
I'm just having a hard time

He doesn't love me
I don't know if I want him to
I'm here talking about my problems
It's nothing compared to what other people go through
Got a feeling if I gave my opinion
Nobody would be there to listen
So I shut up and stopped giving
They tell me to open up and sing
But I'm invisible
I'm invisible

And it's not you, it's me
Don't know how to be happy
The smallest of actions feels like a stab in the back
and I always overreact

So this is to me
And anyone going through what I am
Gonna put my dreams
On hold, till I can
Finally, believe

That I am worth it
I am learning
I might just be a blur
In a million faces
But that doesn't define me
It does not define me

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This Poems Story

This one pretty much speaks for itself, as you can see. I wrote this when I was in a not-so-good place, and somehow it helped me get out. To anyone who feels the way I did-don't stop.