Are you perhaps going my way?

When my eyes first caught a glimpse,
a smile formed, it curled my lips.
When your face came into view,
I realized then, I was meant for you.

Your eyes they seemed to catch the light,
I, filled with fear but all seemed right.
You gestured softly as though to say,
are you perhaps going my way?

My eyelids fluttered, blinking twice,
as though to say, I thought you nice.
Our smiles met, as did our eyes,
my heart it filled, with sweet surprise.

You clasped my hand and gestured forth,
Again I was awash with warmth.
I was so glad when you did say,
are you perhaps going my way?

We ventured forth together then,
forever more, much more than friends.
No matter what I say or do,
I'm never going to stop, loving you.

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