Are You Ready to Talk?

But what is left in those dark and dim waves
Will not be spoken of
Although they creep on my mind
And haunt my eyes.
I could never love her like I loved you,
I would never answer to her prayer
the way I used to with you.

I cried: Worship my heart!
You have severed it once before.
Listen to my lungs! Taste my brain!
They labor for only you.
On that beach I moaned: Take my body!
Learn it well, slash my skin and suck my soul dry.

Was it that night I sung?
Or maybe the night I played with your hair
And groped your hands.
Things aren’t the same anymore,
Something else is hurting you.

But all I know is that evil shows like innocence,
Be fooled my love.
I can ruin her with a careless hand.
Never believe the moon of July

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