“Are You Really Family?”

Do you even care?
You ran away from me when
I needed you the most.
You never came in clear in my mind
It was...just a blur.
The picture came in
clear when you
Needed something when I
made something of myself.
Are you really family?
A family member wouldn’t just
Take off and leave her own son behind.
You thought it was fun and games until
Your own son started drifting away.
Are you really family?
A family member wouldn’t beg her
Own son for money on the day
He gets paid.
A family member wouldn’t get mad
If he doesn’t loan you the money
For your alcohol and cigarettes addiction.
Do you even care?
When I’m crying every night to hear
Your voice over my phone speaker saying
Son I love you.
But..it doesn’t even matter anymore
You don’t even message me saying how my day is going or anything.
Are you really family?
A family member don’t talk crap about her
Own two sons, to strangers on the side
Of the road. A family member doesn’t start a
Random fight to have the last word in.
Do you even care anymore?
I can tell you one thing I don’t care anymore how much you treated us badly.
I’m just going to step away and never look back.

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