Are you there?

I look into any mirror type item I can find.
I see misery.
I cry.
I see shame.
I cry.
I see happiness.
I cry.
I see laughter.
I cry.
I never smile.
Do I want to smile?
And why should I?
But then again, why shouldn't I?
The two best questions anyone could ever ask themselves.
Or maybe there is a better question...

Are you there?
If you were, you would smile.
You would be optimistic when you are being declared a disgrace.
You would walk on water, you would not drown.
Tell me that there is no dead end, there are only bright beginnings.

Are you there?
Please do not waste my time.
I am trying to learn how to nod my head in agreement that my future is perfectly planned.

Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
I have never felt more alone.

I am fearful of everything because nothing appears safe and secure anymore.
I cannot take the silence.
I need noise because I need comfort.
But I beg of you, not too much noise.
Otherwise, I will be frightened.

If you would only walk up to the house, all would be well.
Just stand outside of it.
I will look out the window, and, then, ... you can leave.
Just be there and I will be here.

...Are you there?

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