Are You There

Dear God, are You there?
So much has happened to me; don't You care?
I make mistakes, yes I know
But isn't that how we grow?
I try my hardest to be the best person I can
So why do bad things happen time and again?
I understand without bad, good could not exist
But shouldn't it go both ways? or is there something I've missed?
I try to make sense of it all and come up with a solution
But I'm always left with nothing but confusion
So dear God, I'm asking You
What is it I should do?
Please don't let it get worse before it gets better
That's my reason for writing this letter
There's only so much one person can take
Please, I have two babies, don't let me break
You know all the evil I have faced
So if Your plan has a happy ending, could You please pick up the pace
I'm not telling You what to do
And please don't think I'm disrespecting You
I'm just making this small request
To give me guidance on this quest.
So, God, if You're there,
I really could use Your help down here.

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