Area Father

rea Father
A beast from the east that came to disturb the peace .
Making everybody hiss ,pissing off the authorities,pissing on everybody .
A lone ranger that tried to galvanize the luckless .Scorned by many and told by many to talk less and adviced not to stand up for the worthless.
Man forsaken but never God forsaken.Thanks to good heavens he was able to fight his way back.
Waylaid at every turn and in he returned with a vengeance.Picketing those that have had their pockets filled with filthy lucre.
The odd ball doing the bidding of the jobless and far from an odd-job man.
And boy -o-boy its being a roller coaster ride from being declared a persona non grata,a coward,hard work without reward.And being referred to as a once sacred cow that is now committing sacrilege. A journey man that's not a Johnny just come,having empathy for the apathetic.And having sympathy for the non apologetic who have only succeeded in giving everybody" jedi -jedi".
A cruise controller that is never out of control riding for the cause and repping for the accused
.....Never took the bait or tried to take the easy way out while many decided to take flight he stood his ground and tried to put up a good fight.A crusader and soothsayer and far from a player,a role model home maker

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