His style, his smile
The way he tames his mane
The cologne that he wears
My God! It drives me insane
His giddy nature and fiery spirit
I sit here lonely wanting to be near it
The sound of laughter that erupts from him
Is a melody I will never forget
I was oblivious to his charming
Now I sit here in regret
I must let him be happy
For he has found his eternal love
But why do I keep on listening to that old retired song
The one that sings of a future together
On the beach and in the sun
Promising life will gift us with an adventurous love
Tell me why I can’t merely be through with him
Turn off these emotions and freely just run
The answer is simple only it is too painful to admit
If I could go back in time
These feelings would not have come to be
Maybe, had I noticed the chasing, his charming ways too
A different song I would hear today
Perhaps not so much blue
Now I say goodbye to my love on the moon

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