They came in the night
Nocturnal mammals plying their trade
Armored carriers of an age old scourge
A modern day version of a creature from a Mesolithic age
Rooting in the soil for their tasty grubs and morsels.
Leaving behind holes in the lawns and uprooted fresh planted beds.
A total destruction of a days labor in the garden.
Anger arises from the waste and want of the destroyed beauty
A plan, a trap for these ancient creatures cunningly devised.
Arising in the night,
Waiting with gun and light
Ever vigilant for the coming of these armored destroyers
Waiting, waiting, as the day begins to break,
But not to be seen after a long night through
Bleary eyed, and exhausted from a sleepless night.
Another day, another night, a new plan to be devised
To see if they come,
Seeking the tasty grubs lying beneath freshly planted beauties.
A combat to be waged with these armored creatures of old.
A test of wills to see who will win out.

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