Like our smartphone powers us through our day
We have to learn to put God into play
In the most powerful way
He is in our hearts to stay
So we must start our day
Asking God for his protection when we pray

Against life's worst kind of infections
That trips us up allowing us to lose our direction
Our Lord with all his loving affection
Gives us a suit of armor to shield us from evil
We constantly feel that is ever so real

Knowing in Gods deal
He provides us with his holy seal
A suit of armor made of unpenetrable steel
Bearing the breastplate of righteousness
Allowing health happiness and good fortune
To make its way into our lives

Giving us a helmet of salvation
So we can be saved and redeemed
Throughout our duration
Of our time here in his creation
Learning and cultivating in his ways

Providing his mighty sword for our protection
Against satan's demons and warlords
When we put Gods armor on every day
We ensure satan will never take our soul away

Because we keep our faith and give God our trust
So all satans plans will be reduced to dust
Loving God is always a must
To stay far away from Satan's lust
Everything he promises is a bust
God is our moral crust
Whom we should never distrust

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This Poems Story

This poem is about putting the armor of God on every day to protect ourselves from Satans tricks.