Armored Damsel

She was a princess, but where is her castle?
She was a damsel in distress, but where is her knight?
The bandits took her castle and left her homeless.
The evil queen took her knight and left her hopeless.

She set off for days
In search for a place
She could call home
Where she'll feel less alone

In the queue of men,
She searched for the right man.
But standing under the starry knight,
She failed to find the perfect knight.

She crossed a crowded town
Occupied by boisterous people with a frown.
There were tons of houses and single men,
But she never found the perfect home and the right man.

The princess realized that home is within her.
That being alone felt a little less lonely
And so, in the midst of her epiphany,
She wore an armor and became her own knight.

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