Army Toys for little boys.

Peaceful hatred, such a convoy, as stealthful as a little army toy.
You thought you were a grown man, you're just a little boy.
Meet me inside my head, see who wins, nail you with pens.
I will make sure you experience the true art of my sins.
I draw your fate among the canvas, the floor in public.
It is as brutal as it gets, but you deserve it for all your fits.
I imagine the torture I have saved for you, leather and chains.
Every time I imagine you or see you, I feel grotesque pains.
You say you are a hero, I say you're dead without a head.
Tearing apart happiness for your ego. I hope you feel
every ounce of this agony, "hero," as I scoff at you crying.
You will be imprisoned for your felony in a cell dying.
The punishment is a life, rendered as my own, a life,
To live completely secluded and alone. You immature boy.
Go ahead, take your prize, because as I imagine the blood
drip from your eyes I remember, I have such a surprise.
Do not pretend as you care, I want you aware of me,
of how I am going to be full of destruction, malfunction.
I played all the cards right, you glanced at my hand.
Now you stole the game away, cheating in our land.
You have cheated in the past, why am I not shocked?
Your caring and loving touch died, you can't hide.
This portrait of hatred is aimed at you, fool.
As you aim down the barrel, where is all the honor?
You beg for sympathy one more time, even after the crime.

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This Poems Story

I am complex, yet simplistic. I am full of sin and never seem to win. However, I am me and that will never change. I have done bad and I have done good. Humanity is something I lost faith in a long time ago. My words reflect my visions on humanity, society, and anything else I feel I can form into words properly.