It is midday at the zoo, cool but bright.
I wander about the brick paths, peering between the bars
And I take in the musty scent of animal droppings.

I look out at the animal kingdom beyond me.
The monkey palace to my left,
Reptile island to my right,
The bird paradise straight ahead,
And behind me are the cats.

People scurry about like rats
Running to look at the strange creatures
Who look back with active disinterest.

I make my way to the king of this jungle,
His kingdom rather small all things considered,
And I notice someone unnoticed to most-
A peacock

A glorious peacock, eyed feathers and all,
Perched dangerously on the fence of the lion's den.
He flounces his feathers, showing off his many colors,
Bobbing his head and seeming to say "what a gem I am".

The lion paws at the dirt...
A low growl escapes his lips...
His claws extend...
And he moves a bit closer...

I guess that's what arrogance can bring you.

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