My name is George but today you can call me arrow
Strapped to cupid's back as he flies around
Looking for a spot to perch and watch
Stalking our prey high above
looking for that one true love

He pulls me from his back and he settles to play his favorite game
Ready . aim . (Boom)

As I'm flying through the air with no worries
not knowing where I'm heading
Not bracing for impact
Oh man, what was that?
After the dust settles and the skies clear up
There you are all shook up
You look at me and I look back
Unto a face I saw once before
Not in reality but in a dream I have had
I smiled and said hey, you smiled right back
To my surprise I was back
George I still was, but a new person I felt
Someone waiting to be kicked back down
You took me in and showed me how to change the world
The world that I've known for so long
Just by showing me who I was all along.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem for my fiancée Tasha. These words came to me and never left so I wrote them down and showed her. She fell in love with me and I couldn't be happier. She brings out poetry in me that I've never imagined was inside me. I love her and she is everything to me. Written by George A Mirones IV. Inspired by Tasha Mascareno. If I can't find the words to say, I write it down and let my pen talk for me.