Poets use poetry
to narrate tales
of agony,
caused by love or
the lack there of
in various ways,
using metaphor,
oxymoron, irony,
analogy, imagery,
personification, simile,
we write about
surreal reality,
ethics and morals,
fears and misery,
spirits and souls,
lies and treachery,
we play with words
and tamper everyone's
wakeful and dormant
With words, we dive deep
into the cavern of
your memories,
we can write in
numerous ways,
forming stunning poetry,
magnificent prose,
with verses and lines,
ballads and sonnets,
that may or may not rhyme,
we shall write till there
are no words left to explore,
till the words stop
making sense,
until our fingers
start bleeding,
until every shop in the
world runs out of ink,
till there are no thoughts
in our heads,
till the day we meet
a lady named death.

Dhwani Jagani

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