As I stare at this blank canvas
I wonder what to create
Should I write what I feel
I ponder if anyone can relate
Art in the form of words
There is no canvas that goes unheard
As I reach deep inside my mind
Gauging what's my biggest crime
I would say its art
Now follow closely because this will get dark
Don't get lost in the shadow of my arch
There is no sun where the sun don't shine
I hope you listening close because that was a punch line
Art comes in many forms
On this canvas I create outside the norm
Now don't get it torn
This is not sympathetic art
This is real and raw lay out your heart
Make a puzzle out of my words
Using antonyms,synonyms and verbs
Not a shattered illusion
But a microbial infusion
Tell me can you follow
A canvas so hollow
Bruised at its outer edge
Heart still beating But inside it's dead
Can't help but stare
Would you buy it ..i dare

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This Poems Story

Starts out with a blank canvas as the artist ponders what to create The canvas is a dark hollow piece. Sad yet mesmerizing