Art of Exquisit Finesse

Black is not your color; its your structure.
Now this is really silly Really, its not that witty; Not a ditty.
Gorgeous, beautiful, Yet O so pretty
Beyond that its a little effy.
Seriously, its your character thats a factor.
Phenomenal woman given words for thee.
She lives a dance called beauty.
You and I, in and out hmm not a fling but unique thing.
Confession; Cat and Mouse...Tom and Jerry.
A game that always ended with Jerry in each session or
was it his lesson of his profession.
Known to a King you're definitely a Queen.
Yea, taking chances is risky
whispering to you your physique does get to me,
So be next to me discreetly not secretly; Ms. Sexy.
Her head held high like exquisite art inside and out.
Don't doubt or act out learn about this finessed bout.
Its just real talk; Just Breathe Out..... Uniquely Exquiste

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