Artificial Flavor

Hunger was the veil that sheathed their tiny lips
To keep from eating the forbidden, they were given only subtle sips
Their tongues unknown to any flavor aside from sugar-coated
And anytime their cravings came, the palette further was eroded
To quench their thirst, in their water, a little salt was used
And a tiny pill of bitter truth in case they would refuse
Starve they did, till the very end, each time their portion smaller
But every time they begged for more, their satisfaction was no longer
Once the famine did set in, their desire was dictated by another
A hunger pain so great, it wreaked a havoc like no other
And so they fed on pain and suffering and drank of ice-cold fear
They gorged on every bit till their painful bellies disappeared
Now they crave a taste of a flavor freshly brewed
Had they not been deceived or deprived of certain food
Perhaps artificial flavors would not taste as good

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This Poems Story

It is about society being desensitized to violence.