I am an artist.
I draw with color.
Flowing watercolors stream
Down my cheeks from beneath my eyelids.
Messy oil pastels spiral from my fingertips.
Colorful chalk dust puffs
Into the air when I flip my hair.
Charcoal-smeared footprints indicate my twisting
And winding path through life.

I draw with words too.
Adjectives and adverbs color outside
The lines of my literature homework.
Complicated strings of letters form an aura
Around my shoulders, stirring restlessly as I walk.
Participles, prepositions, and predicates clink
In time with my delicate jewelry.
Sentence after sentence flutters gently
Onto the waiting page from my beating heart.
My artist hands paint with the keys on a keyboard
As expertly as with paintbrush and palette.

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