My green forest on the west side of the sea
I'm blue, I'm clear deep and cold
And mostly wet out of tears
My morning buddy she tries to light me up, like sunshine from the sky
but still my blue velvet ensnares my body
When the fish shoal dance like birds in the sky in my blue, they make their glow surround my trek
but still their is no human bonds
Could you breath below the surface?
Inhale exhale
It's claustrophobic in a closet

My blue lake on the east side of the sea
I'm blended to green out of yellow and blue
But mostly I'm back to black
You shed my skin, I lay in the swamp sinking into the green moss
The slough took me, yes, the slough of despond
Where the old channel of the river once flowed the slough made his oxbow around my neck
attached a plow, a plow of despond
Could I breath with your lungs?
Inhale exhale
It's claustrophobic in my closet

Intimacy's not allowed. Touch me over seas
We'll blend our souls in the clear, deep and blue
the deep blue is also black
We sing a song, a song as united as the sea to our shores
Seas are moody, yes, but it only roars
The crown once united us, now it's tearing us apart. But the anchor holds from deck
attached with you it holds beyond
Could you breath for me?
Inhale exhale
It's claustrophobic in a closet

We're blue, we're two overseas
but the land up north it holds
fore, see, we're mainly one, dear
The woods aren't strong enough to bare our souls, bare us on their tree tops
but land is the body that unites our hope
My wicked build house as fragile as spider's web, as flimsy as a shelter made of leafs
attached with you it holds beyond
Could I breath for you?
Inhale exhale
Alone together

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