As a woman

As a woman
As a woman, I want you to know
There is no void inside, I am born complete and whole
Spinning around my own axis
Moulded into various shapes ,stones and sometimes into my own clones.
Colouring each and everyone unique
As per utility and thoughtlessly thrown.
Foolish it is to see someone near
Trying to complete me, with their dirty hands
They gain nothing but loose me like a sand
With a remaining desert land.
I am a complete circle
But Your limited eyes are to be blamed which can see only an arc
Just like a well never gets empty of giving
Abundance is me if you seek so
Your inherent lack is me, You know it though
Transforming everything I touch on my way
Atlast i see you coming this way
Wait there and only there I say
Melt your ego, and don't you sway
Hold to your conscience so hard
That even with your body apart, you stay
You now see the whole circle complete, enclosed within you
A new soul, pious and true
Now when you have come to know me, as a woman
You know yourself better, as a man.

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