As Easy As Breathing

I know how hard it can be
To ignite your creativity
To find your true purpose
You must first walk through the depths of Hell
To dance with the clouds
You must sometimes endure the lightening & thunder
“You’ll understand when you get older,” they told us
But life just got more confusing
Somebody help me
I think the stress of adulthood is a real monster
A real living, breathing tangle of thoughts
Telling you you’ll never make it in the real World
A web of lies not yet discovered
Why aren’t you famous already?
Time was lost to my generation
We forgot square one was often the ground
For some of us, it’s rock bottom
That’s where we rise up and become beautiful
Each new day is a new serenity
Step by step is the way to start shedding
The limits that hold you back
From becoming who you were meant to be already
Do you see what I see finally?
Life was never about finding our way to fame
For that, the split you make is lickety-shit to the Universe
Impacting the World with your greediness
I understand dollars have to be made
But do we have to do it in vain?
Find what you love and from the seams of your soul & body, creativity will burst
I mean, how hard can that be really?

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