As I Reside to Suicide

Raining hues of red
Stain my carpet, clothes, and bed.

Hateful sneers and hurtful lies,
Stain my wrists and drown my eyes.

I can't see straight anymore,
Tears become a downpour.

Blood stamps me like a letter.
Loneliness, like a comforting sweater.

Boxed, sealed, stamped, and left.
[I'm] left to ship to Death.

Grasping life as long we can.
Happiness, a crutch [we use] to stand.

Life won't last too long
Once happiness is gone.

After rain, a rainbow.
A mesmerizing sight some of us will never know.

Because sometimes lightning strikes.
Our fragile hearts, it tends to spike.

I need a rope to hold my life together.
Maybe it will make me better.

Get a rope and get a chair.
Get a cloth and dry my eyes.
Sometimes life just isn't fair;
The fatal act of suicide.

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