As I Sit And Wonder

As I sit and wonder why,
My life seems to pass me by.
The love that I want and desire,
Seems so hard to acquire.
What must I do in this time of shame,
But try to accept my blame .
For the things I have done
To hurt someone .
For there are things that brought me here today,
When my heart went ashtray.
For the love that was lost ,
and now I pay the cost.
For the distance that is there,
Because of the thoughts you did not share. Not even being aware .
That this is a lasting thing
Not just a one night stand or a fling
One night of passion turned to 6 months
6 months turned into a year,
Now your heart is in fear,
as you try to bring them near
The love that was once intense,
You have lost and you are convinced
Will you be able to retrieve it,
The way you conceived it.
Is it lost for good
In a relationship that was misunderstood!

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