As I Try to Get Well

Consumed with desire, the flame snuffed out
What I once thought was love is but a heap of doubt.
Doubt that once was, was never meant to be
And those I once held dear become my enemy.
It's all insane to think I'll ever have a place
In this odd and strange world of capricious men.
Men and women who simply don't see
Or perhaps do but would rather let be.
What place does a lover, a thinker have
In a world so cold, thoughtless and indifferent.
Sometimes the worse company is not men full of hate
But those who passively, complacently show no love for fellow man.
This I struggle with, to be a man of love and thought.
I do not claim perfection, not even close
But I do know I'm called to take risks and be bold!
To live free of regret, chart worlds untold!
I may fall, I may fail
But I will not be vanquished
For all my hopes avail, though at present I languish,
In a power higher than mine
All things will take place in their time.
In the meantime, I'll put off the restraints.
No time for stagnation, a time of declaration.
I live my life to the fullest; no one can stop me!
The good I know I should do, let me do speedily!
And meanwhile let God take care of the details.

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