As I Walk

I walked until the pain couldn't catch up
I ran out the street when you broke my heart but
I wouldn't let the way you said things break me.

Oh baby you thought you were so sleek when
You would leave me alone to sleep,
But you were just on your way for that red haired girl,
Getting ready to cheat.

Because you thought you were winning
With your smirk smile and the way you can dazzle a gal,
But what you didn't know was that I was running.

I was running away from all the pain
And I was trying to go my own way
You tried so hard to convince me that you could change
But I knew deep down that this would never age.

Because as I walk I wont remember the way you use to say
“your my only one”
I wont even turn back because we are done
As I walk, I just need me
So don't come back because this is something that can't be undone.

As I walk you will be out of my mind
Because I am just a girl
Who was more than kind,
So I hope you know i'm not down on the floor
Cause i got more to me then
Another heartbreak in store.

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