As I Walk

I look at myself as i walk and see my
shadow right beside me asking myself
does it ever leave my
i go into a daze and just stare
finding myself walking in a maze
just wondering how i got there
But finding my way out was something that i did not
fear because i knew the path was near
I made my way out and stood for a while
thinking to myself a new beginig of life
has just been found
I proceeded to walk further on
finding a road to a new start not
looking back at my past and how it
was torn apart
it was never meant from the start
I focus on what was ahead of me and
my future is waiting for me giving me
a sign to open my eyes and look ar life
in front of me and not what was left behind

It was a sight i had to see and look at life and where
i would be
Finally made it out saying to myself this is where i want to
be so i neeld to my knee and started to pray thanking the
lord for leading me this way.

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