As I walked By

As I walked by I see a girl
Who is as pretty as a pearl
I can tell by her walking slow
she feels real low
I can tell by her face
that she thinks she's a disgrace
I can tell by her body so bony and thin
That she is anorexic once again
As I walked by I saw a boy
Girls think of him as a toy
Lowers his self-worth a lot
Makes him feel worthless and not wanted to be bought
For the price of love and never ending support
The Self-esteem issue boy goes to supreme Court
To get a trial saying he's gone nuts
This boy sits and tries to cut
Unsuccessfully he cries
As he hears the names and lies
That he's gay that he's bi
That he's completely up in the sky
That he smokes just to get high
but he knows it's just a lie

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This Poems Story

This poem symbolizes struggles in everyones daily lives such as the struggle to maintain a perfect image or attitude or the struggle to acknowledge that people are different not the same.